A Comprehensive Compilation of Octanol/Water Partition Coefficients (logP) and Related Data.

The LOGKOW Database contains over 38,000 experimentally determined octanol/water partition coefficients (log P) for almost 23,000 biologically active compounds. Each record in the Database includes a systematic chemical name, the CAS Registry Number, a SMILES structure notation, the method(s) of measurement and references. The acid dissociation constant (pKa) and notes & comments are provided for each substance as available.

The broad range of substances in the LOGKOW database includes drugs, pharmaceuticals, environmentally hazardous substances, poisons, toxins, dyes, and biocides. LOGKOW Database is available as an ASCII format flat file which can be integrated into the users own database management system. In this form, octanol/water partition coefficients may be readily applied to drug discovery and synthesis, environmental analysis, extraction procedures and hazard assessment.

Sample records from the LOGKOW Database can be requested from: logkow@tds-tds.com Please consult the LOGKOW Factsheet for additional information.